Zemic have several well-established product lines, ranging from components such as Load Cells, transducers, electronics and sensing elements.

Load Cells

Capacities: 300gram - 500ton
Accuracy: Up to 5000 divisions
Approvals: OIML R60 PTB
Proctection Class: IP65 to IP69K
52 families of Load cells

Strain Gages

Resistances: 60 Ohm to 5000 Ohm
Single and Dual grid, Half and Full bridge and various Rosette strain gages

Miniature Sensors

Capacities: 20gram – 110kg
Combined error upto 0.02 % (FS)
23 families of sensors

Weigh Pads/Indicators

Protection Class: IP66
Capacity: 10ton and 15ton
Combined Error: 0.2%FS
Electronics available upon request

Pressure Transducers

Capacity Pressure: 0,005Bar – 1000Bar
Capacity Torque: 100Nm – 1000Nm
Combined Error: 0.1% - 0.5% FS
13 families of transducers